Our Story

Entropy Solution first opened as a Singapore-based start up technology and services firm. In 2013, the company opened its Philippine office to do in-depth research and development within the telecommunications industry and was able to produce innovative products for multiple market segments.

To date, we are known for promoting the fair-use policy currently in effect among local telco operators and the backend for the Pipol Konek! – the DICT’s Nationwide WiFi Project.

Our Mission

Entropy Solution’s mission is to continuously innovate products and applications for telco service providers, enterprise businesses and government institutions. Our vision is to provide only excellent products and solutions for our customers.


Innovative Solutions

Entropy Solution aims to provide cutting edge, innovative products and solutions to customers that will fulfill each of their specific requirements with intuitive interfaces for the end-users.

Expert Professionals

With more than 20 years experience in telecommunication, Entropy Solution's team offers the service and expertise of sales support, solution architects and network engineers.

Research & Development

We have a dedicated research and development facility where experts are continuously testing product quality and creating world class products for our customers.

Customer Empowerment

We seek to empower our clients by looking at their business needs and devising applications and systems to ease operations and maximise the technology benefits.


Entropy Solution is dedicated to the mission of innovation. Our products undergo extensive research and development, not to mention rigorous field testing to ensure that we only create products that are easy to use and can easily adapt to our client's needs. Entropy Solution anticipates industry-wide developments and seeks to offer future proof products. With this in mind, Entropy Solution has a dedicated facility of research and development purposes for continuous innovation.


Entropy Solution is partnered with the most relevant and reliable companies to be able to bring the best products and solutions for your requirements.


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