Broadband Management Platform

A broadband management platform where telco network operators, enterprise businesses and other private entities can manage, maximize and monetize their network. Gridloc is composed of AAA, Policy Control, Captive Portal, Voucher Management and Billing Modules that can be used to define the customers' user experience.


Emergency Base Station

eReach is a portable emergency base station capable of providing a reliable and efficient way to communicate in harsh weather conditions. It enables a new way of connecting and coordinating in emergency situations specially in areas where mobile phone coverage is non-existent.


Rural Base Station

ReachNet is a small-scale, fully functional telco network solution, designed to simplify and break the norms of conventional telecom network deployments. Quick to install and easy to manage, ReachNet allows you to deploy cellular networks in even the most remote areas, all at the fraction of the cost of a full sized cellular tower.


Independent Emergency Communication

In emergency situations, the communications plan should govern all things. The need for a fast and independent networks is critical as it may be called on to handle anything from local emergencies to major national disasters.


Internet of Things Platform

Hive is an end-to-end IoT Platform that can house different internet of things applications for a smart city environment. The Hive Network is inspired by the natural structure of hives which implements a modular, well built product and application base. It is structured in a way that it can support most existing IoT technologies whilst having the extensibility to support any future IoT technologies.

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