Emergency Base Station

In emergency situations, communications is crucial. But when disasters like typhoons or earthquakes compromise important infrastructures such as electrical grid or cell sites. It will take a miracle to coordinate.

eReach is a portable, plug and play emergency cellular base station that runs on large battery power. eReach can be activated in less than 30 minutes. Once online, the system will detect all active SIMs within its coverage area and will assign a temporary number to get the communications up and running.

Manage your Network

You can manage your area, receive hotline calls and send emergency messages to people

Easy to Setup

Lightweight and portable. Can be activated in a few minutes.

Flexible Power Input

Can be connected to a generator or car batteries during emergencies.

eReach Head Quarters

Manage and interconnect multiple eReach nodes and have an overall view of your network. eReach HQ gathers data from all connected eReach nodes upon use to provide mission-critical analytics and support rescue and relief operations within the area. Network owners can send broadcast messages from the HQ across all connected eReach nodes for easier coordination.

Incident Command Center

eReach ICC is a portable incident command center that can house multiple applications that can aid the on-ground operations within a specific area or locality.

Applications can include network management, emergency applications, environmental monitoring and/or unit dispatch software.

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