ReachNet 2G



ReachNet redefines mobile communications whether its emergency situations or traditional network deployments, you can count on ReachNet – the network solution for fast and easy communication, no matter where you are.

Traditional telco network deployments require a lot of infrastructure acquisition and building thus the high capital expenses and other challenges that discourage the telco network operators to extend their services in the most remote places of the world. This is a sample of a traditional telco network infrastructure which can be hard to deploy in areas that are not in the cities 


GSM Network

ReachNet allows calls and messages with flexible charging rates and top-ups

Small Form Factor

Quick transport and can be mounted on to existing structures

Easy to Setup

Administrators can easily setup call and SMS rates and launch services

Low Power Consumption

Reduced power consumption for tapping into sources of renewable energy

Reduced CAPEX and Investment

Have the capabilities of a traditional telco service provider in one box

Remote Network Management

Manage the network via cloud-based NMS for multiple nodes and location

Integrate multiple Network-in-the-Box Solutions with ReachCore to further enhance coverage and establish a network of interconnected Network-in-the-box Solutions. ReachCore can be integrated to the most commonly used software-based GSM access points in the market.

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